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Welcome from the Chair of Our Local Governing Body Mrs Diane Coleman

'As chair of the Local Governing Board of Huntingtower I am proud to work with a group of people who are committed to ensuring that every pupil enjoys the best possible experience during their time here.

Our pupils come from a diverse range of backgrounds and have a wide range of needs, yet all enjoy a curriculum that offers a very broad range of experiences built around our ethos and delivered by dedicated staff who go out of their way to develop pupils into individuals with a thirst for lifelong learning. Whenever necessary additional support is offered not only to pupils but parents and carers alike, continuing to build on the caring environment Huntingtower provides.

As members of the Local Governing Body we are charged to review the effectiveness of policy implementation. We oversee safeguarding and have a delegated representative for this as well as for Special Educational Needs. We support the Headteacher in many tasks, but also challenge where appropriate, and liaise with senior staff to review and discuss plans, progress and outcomes as well as representing the views of the academy stakeholders. We regularly report back to the Board of Trustees of the Trust as part of our own accountability.

Provision at Huntingtower was judged to be ‘Good with outstanding features’ at our last Ofsted Inspection and our ongoing and constantly reviewed priorities for Improvement focus strongly on ensuring that this is not only continued but improved and we aspire to be the best we can be.  

Without the dedication of the whole staff team, the support of parents and carers as well as the motivation and generous time giving of the volunteer Governors and other supporters of Huntingtower, none of this would be possible, and I sincerely thank them all. '

A list of our current Local Governing Body members, together with any non-confidential documents, can be found on our Governors' Pen Portrait page. Please click on the links below to view declaration of interests register 2018-19 and our Board of Local Governing Body details and attendance records 2017-18.