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  • Welcome to 2019!

    Published 01/10/19

    Welcome to the first newsletter of 2019. We have made a fantastic start to the year, welcoming the children back to new projects and learning. It was lovely to hear about their holiday experiences and find out about their goals for this year. I have already had several children to see me with achievements that they wish to celebrate and you can find out more in the weekly video. We were very proud of the New Age Kurling team for their win at the local meet on Thursday. They now look forward to playing in the regional finals later on in the year.

    This term promises to be very exciting with lots of events planned. The children have already started to think about this term’s personal development focus, Improve and consider how this can impact upon their learning. We hope that by the time you come to meet with the staff at Parents’ Evening in February, you’ll see lots of evidence of your child’s success.

    On a final note, I would just like to update you with regard to Mrs Giles. We are pleased to announce that Mrs Giles gave birth to a little girl on Tuesday (8th January). Everyone is well and we can’t wait to meet the new arrival.

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  • Scientists of the Future!

    Published 14/03/19

    What a busy time it has been in the academy, this week! Following on from an amazing World Book Day and associated events last week, we have plunged head first into British Science Week. As an academy, we recognise not only the importance that science has played on our lives as well as the role that it will play in the future. From the moment that the week was launched with the homework challenge, we have seen how enthusiastic and committed our children are to their scientific learning. We have taken part in a project that all of the primary academies within our trust have been involved in. The project is based upon the book ‘Journey’ by Aaron Becker. Across the academy, the children have investigated vehicles and I know that I’ve had to duck on several occasions walking down KS2 corridor as the Year 6 pupils refine their paper aeroplanes! If you want to know more, please see the academy’s Twitter account (@Huntingtower) and the video for more information.

    A huge thank you goes to you for your continued support with your children’s learning. This has also been reflected in your support with the Academy Council’s Comic Relief fundraising. We thought we had anticipated how supportive our families are but we soon ran out of merchandise to sell. Many thanks goes the Sainsburys’ employees who came to visit us on Wednesday afternoon with an even greater range to sell. All proceeds go to Comic Relief and we will let you know next week how much the academy raised.

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  • Wonderful World Book Day!

    Published 14/03/19

    Huntingtower loves reading and could celebrate reading every single day! World Book Day is very important to us and the video this week documents not only our passion and enjoyment but also the activities that made our day so special!

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  • We're on Top of the World!

    Published 28/02/19

    What a fantastic start to Term 4! Before the start of the half term holiday, Mrs Clack our Reading Leader shared a reading challenge as part of our World Book Day celebrations. We have been blown away by how enthusiastic the children have been and many thanks goes to you, their families who have supported them. We have particularly loved the tweets! With just under a week to go, we can't wait to see what else is possible. Remember to remind your child to hand in their completed form on World Book Day so that they can be in with a chance to win some great prizes!

    We are now in the latter half of the academic year and I am always impressed with how much our pupils have learned. In my assembly on Monday, we explored our Priory Trust value of curiosity. If I asked you the question, "Can you think of some who is famous for being curious?' what would your answer be? I was really impressed by some of our pupils answers; Isaac Newton, David Attenborough, Charles Darwin, Mary Anning and Stephen Hawking which were all fantastic suggestions. I'm sure this will make Mrs Stephenson, our Science Leader really proud and I know that she is excited for National Science week which will begin on Monday, 11th March. 

    There are so many events coming up at the moment, that I would recommend keeping a close eye on Parent Hub. We have World Book Day next Thursday (7th March) where we have invited all the children (and staff) to come dressed as their favourite book character, as well as Comic Relief on Friday, 15th March. Please see Tower Times for more details. Merchandise will be for sale at the academy from Tuesday, 6th March. All proceeds will be donated to Comic Relief. I would like to thank you for your continued support in with helping our pupils take part in events that contribute to wider communities than just the one that they live in. 

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  • The End of a Fantastic Term!

    Published 14/02/19

    What an amazing start to 2019 this term has been. In six short weeks, the children have given their all, making the most of the learning opportunities and showing everyone around them the progress they have made. We always look for ways to celebrate this and meeting with you at parents’ evening is just one way. Thank you for taking the time to meet with your child’s teacher and looking through their work. I hope that you were impressed with the work in their books as well as the information the teachers shared.

    We have had several special visitors to the academy this term and only this week, welcomed both Sam Ruddock, the Para-Olympian and also Ben Smith (who ran 401 marathons in 401 days). The children are always really inspired by such motivational speakers but they are not always aware of the reciprocal element of these events; that visitors such as Ben and Sam are equally inspired by our pupils! It makes me very proud to hear that they love to visit the academy and spend time with our pupils and I hope you are too. Our pupils demonstrate a keenness to learn as well as a positive attitude to new experiences. They also epitomise the values that we have built our academy round and we will continue to find opportunities to motivate our pupils further.

    We are about to begin our half term holiday and I wish you and your family a restful week hopefully full of bright, sunny days. We look forward to seeing you back at the academy on Monday, 25th February for the start of Term 4.

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  • We are a Learning Community School!

    Published 07/02/19

    There's always so much to be proud of at Huntingtower Academy. There is a sense of purpose for everyone whether you are the youngest or oldest pupil, the newest or longest serving staff member. Everyone has their place with us and we work hard to ensure that everyone understands and feels that sense sense of belonging. We are a community. We do, however, belong to more than one community and it was great to see the pupils and staff engage in a range of activities that demonstrate that. Last Friday, over twenty pupils and staff members took part in the Grantham Rotary Swimarathan. Swimming in relay for an hour always proves to be more gruelling than first thought but our teams persevered to break academy records and raise a lot of money for the charity - well done to all who took part. A really big thank you goes to Mrs Dilloway for organising.

    We again joined with the local community to host a gymnastic competition at the academy on Tuesday afternoon. Mrs Bensley and her gymnastic team not only competed but also, with the help of our Sports leaders and ambassadors, acted as host to several local schools. It really was a fantastic event and we were really proud to see our teams win some medals. For some of our gymnasts, this was their first chance to represent our academy in an inter-school competition. Again, a huge well done to all who took part and for the organising such a fantastic event.

    With only one week until half term, we look forward to meeting with parents and families at parents' evening next week. Appointment letters have been distributed; please check your child's book bag if you haven't as yet received yours. The studio will be hosting not only the Scholastic Book fair but also creche facility for academy pupils not attending the meetings with you. 

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  • New News Story

    Published 31/01/19

    Well it certainly has been a chilly week! The site managers have worked very hard to anticipate every possible change in the weather to ensure that our grounds are as safe as ever. Thank you goes to everyone accessing the car park for being a little more cautious and considerate to others in these precarious conditions. I don’t think that this cold blast has finished yet so please remind your children to wear those extra outdoor items (hats, scarves and gloves) to help them keep warm when outside. There has been plenty of research to support, for example, that a child with asthma or breathing issues benefits from wearing a scarf loosely over their nose and mouth. It appears my mum was right all along when she told me to wrap up warm!

    There have been some great achievements recently in our sporting competitions. Last Friday, our UKS2 athletics team competed in the Large Schools Sports Hall Athletics team and came second! There were so many elements that they participated in that it really required a concerted effort. Well done to everyone who represented the academy. On Sunday, Mrs Bensley and her team of committed gymnasts competed in the Lincolnshire Primary Schools Gymnastics Competition held at the Meres Leisure Centre. It was a very long and successful day as the children all performed brilliantly and several were rewarded with medals. If you would like to know more, please watch the weekly video found on either the website (News Page), Twitter or Facebook. On a final note, this week has been National Storytelling Week. The children will tell you that I love to tell and listen to stories about life. Listening to stories about our families and its history is so important to carry on into the future generations. Please spend some time telling stories about yourself and your family  and carry on this wonderful tradition.


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  • An Achievement-Packed Week!

    Published 24/01/19

    Apparently, this Monday was Blue Monday. This is a name given to the day in January claimed to be the most depressing day of the year! Having been informed that this was the case, Huntingtower set about changing the perception from Blue Monday to Huntingtower-Blue Monday and as you know, at Huntingtower we are always positive! As a result, we have had a very successful week celebrating many home achievements as well as those in the academy. I have been particularly impressed with some well constructed, detailed pieces of writing. I have even gained some excellent pieces of work for my office display and several children are now many merits richer. I look forward to seeing more of the pupils' work over the next few weeks. Please be aware that your child should soon be bringing home a letter inviting you to come and meet with their teacher in the last week before half term. You will also be able to look at their books and see the progress they have made this year. 

    We have faced many challenges this week with both the weather and the traffic. The icy weather is set to continue for a little while longer and this means that extra care should be taken on pathways around the academy and streets in our immediate environment. Thanks goes to Mr Moore and Mr Wallace, our Site Managers for ensuring that the pathways are gritted to the best of their ability. Please also remind the children to bring hats and gloves with them as the days continue to remain chilly!


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  • All about the Arts!

    Published 17/01/19

    What an amazing start to the week we have had this week. I was privileged to be invited to support the Young Voice Choir club in Sheffield with Mrs Kightley, Mrs Goddard-Tate and our Piano Teacher, Mr Emmett. Our forty pupils joined with five thousand others to perform to a large audience of parents and family members. They had to chance to rehearse first, learning more about how a professional performance is created. They also got to perform with some well known celebrities. It truly was a wonderful experience and one that I am sure they will remember for years to come. Many thanks to the parents for their support and I hope that those who were able to travel to Sheffield enjoyed the performance as much as we did.

    Every week, when I make our video, I can see trends and patterns in our learning. The children’s pride in their work and their enthusiasm for learning is evident as well as their love of the range of subjects taught. Often we see sporting achievements as well as academic ones. I am very passionate about the arts and have especially loved making the video over the last two weeks as there has been so much art work being created at home as well as at school. They really should be proud of their achievements and I look forward to seeing more. 

    Finally, can I ask you to spend a little time reading the Adverse Weather letter that is being distributed through Parent Hub? We are hoping that we don’t have the extreme weather of 2018 but it is best to be prepared.

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  • Seasonal Spectacular!

    Published 12/12/18

    As we head towards the Winter Equinox, the shortness of the days becomes more apparent. Seeing all of the festive lights and woodland decorations around the academy does help to brighten the day but in truth, it is the children who bring the brightness and sparkle to this somewhat darker time of the year. There have been many examples of this, this week including being charmed and entertained by the KS1 presentation. I know that the wider school enjoyed watching their friends and siblings in Years 1 and 2 perform Born in a Barn and I hope the parents and family members did too. They not only sang and performed brilliantly, they also used Makaton signing in all of their songs to ensure that they could be enjoyed by all. Getting up onto the stage and performing to a large audience does require courage (one of our Priory Values) and we couldn't have been more proud. Well done to the children and also thank you to parents and family members for producing such amazing costumes. The contributions of the tickets will also be donated to a local charity, Dr Frier's Holiday Fund whose focus is to ensure that all children have equal opportunities to experiences.

    We also welcomed again the Rotary Sunshine Group who came to present the Rotary Star awards at our Celebration Assembly on Thursday. These awards are focused upon our Understanding Others element of our Personal Development curriculum. These children have demonstrated over and over again a generosity in spirit and actions that must be commended. 

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