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  • Learning Leading to Leadership!

    Published 08/02/18

    As I have mentioned before, our focus for our personal development this term has been to Try New Things. Over the last few weeks, we have been able to observe many examples of children embracing the spirit of endeavour and we were impressed by the number of children who took part in the Grantham Rotary Swimarathon who hadn’t done it before as well as the number of children who represented the academy in the gymnastics competition. The children’s enthusiasm is overwhelming and they can’t wait to share it with others. Increasingly, our young leaders are keen to share their learning with the younger pupils and a special thank you has to go to the children who have run clubs this terms as well as our Sports Ambassadors and Gymnasts who not only looked after our younger gymnasts during the competition on Tuesday, they also looked after other schools’ pupils too!

    As we reach the end of Term 3, we have say goodbye to Miss Anderton for a while. With her baby due in March, Miss Anderton is looking forward to spending time with her family before welcoming their new baby in a few weeks. We can’t wait to meet the addition to her family and I know she’ll be watching the videos every week to find out what we’re doing at school. During her absence, Miss Lamb will be teaching the Year 5 Gazelles. We wish you all a very happy half term break and look forward to seeing you back at school on Monday, 19th February 2018.

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  • Be Curious, Explore More!

    Published 01/02/18

    As you are aware, we have challenged our pupils to try new things this term. Whilst this could be that they try a new club or choose a lunch they’ve never had before, it could be something more subtle such as working with someone new or making choices about how they would like to demonstrate their learning. We are pleased to report that the children have risen to this challenge brilliantly and we have been really impressed with their resilience and creativity as a result. Thank you for your continued support at home as it seems as if recently and more than ever, their learning is overflowing into continued research and practice beyond the school day!

    Next week is the last week of term before half term and one of our favourite weeks – Spring Term Parents’ Evening. Having met with you in the Autumn Term, we look forward to catching up with you on Wednesday and Thursday evenings to discuss your child’s progress. You will also be able to look at their learning in their various books. We encourage KS2 pupils (Years 3-6) to attend the meetings with their parents and younger children are welcome to stay  with staff in the studio where they can either watch a film or look at the books in the book fair. Mrs Cradduck, our SENDCo will also be available on Wednesday evening.

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  • Don't Stop Us Now!

    Published 25/01/18

    In 2017, the government announced that they wanted primary schools to increase the amount of activity that children have to partake in to include an additional 30 minutes a day. At Huntingtower, we love to be active and always love to rise for a challenge. Watch the video and you’ll see that the teachers have become very creative as to how we can include more activity in our learning. Mrs Duxbury-Mead works very hard to coordinate our extra active minutes and we thank her for her hard work. If your child is active out of school too – at a sport or club, let us know!

    It is a really special moment when you open a letter to reveal a surprise! This is what happened to Mrs Kightley our music leader, this week. We have achieved the Music Mark for our efforts and activities with music. Music is such an important element of our school day and the children gain a lot of pleasure from taking part. What made this award so special was that it was given to us after we were nominated by a music specialist who visited the academy. We look forward to building upon this mark in the future.

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  • The Secret of Our Success!

    Published 18/01/18

    January quite often poses challenges including cold days, biting winds and limited sunshine. These factors do not deter our pupils who continue to make the most of every moment. They have particularly embraced their continuous provision afternoons, where they have the opportunity to make decisions about what they learn and when. This links really closely with our personal development curriculum, Try New Things and staff are keen to discuss how motivated the children are within these sessions.

    We are now coming to the end of the third week of term and we are half way through this half term. Look out for a letter inviting you to meet with your child’s teacher just before half term. These Parent-Teacher meetings will provide you with the opportunity for you to find out about the progress that your child has made as well as look at their work.

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  • Welcome to 2018!

    Published 12/01/18

    Happy New Year! It has been great to welcome everyone back to our Academy, refreshed and ready to learn. After a really successful training day on the 2nd January, the children were keen to start the next day and instantly demonstrated their curiosity for their new projects. Look out for your child’s curriculum letter in their book bag.

    We have also started our new focus for our Personal Development curriculum – Try New Things! This is really exciting and will build upon our ongoing focus of Never Give Up. With this in mind, we have structured some of the wider curriculum to encourage children to explore their learning in different ways. So far, the children have really enjoyed the Continuous Provision element of the curriculum. You’ll be able to see examples of their work when you come to meet with their class teachers just before half term at Parents’ Evening. Please check on the class Twitter feeds to find out more!

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  • So Much to Celebrate!

    Published 17/12/17

    Welcome to our final news item of 2017! What a week it has been! Three Christmas Presentations, two dress rehearsals, a Yukele concert, a 375th Birthday Celebration, a Christmas part AND a Pantomime! In all that the children have done, they have made us immensely proud. Whilst we can see that the children are ready for a holiday with their families, they have continued to try their best, aim high and throughout, been resilient. With two days left, there is still much to experience – KS2 (Years 3-6) will have their Christmas Lunch and Party and on the final day, we will hold both our Endeavour assembly and a final assembly of the year. Parents are most welcome to attend the Endeavour Assembly where we celebrate pupils in every class who have given that little bit more. Our Endeavour List will be published in the final Tower Times of 2017.

    We would like to celebrate the fantastic efforts of the Friends of Huntingtower and the Classes at the Winter Fayre. Without your support, we would not have been able to raise so much money. Huge thanks again go to the Friends of Huntingtower who also paid completely for the Pantomine. The children had so much fun and it really is a special time for them.

    All of the staff would like to wish you a Happy Christmas and a relaxing break with your families. We look forward to seeing the children back at the academy on Wednesday, 3rd of January 2018. The first Celebration Assembly will be on Friday, 12th January 2018 with KS1 as the focus for Shining Light.

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  • Having a Fabulous Time in Our Community!

    Published 08/12/17

    Such a busy and exciting time of the year and yet the hard work doesn’t stop! Thank you for supporting our many ventures during what is also a very busy time in your home lives. We have definitely been out and about in the community in the last week. First with our visit to St Wulfram’s church where we received many compliments about how polite and well-behaved our pupils were and then with our choir who have literally sung their socks off at 3 different locations in 2 days. The senior citizens at Brick Kiln Place and Apple Trees were charmed by the choir’s beautiful singing (and wonderful array of Christmas jumpers) and when they sang for customers at M&S Simply Food Store, I was informed by one couple that our children had the voices of angels! Well done to our pupils who have represented the academy so well, we are so proud.

    We are very centred around our ethos of REACH (Respect, Expect, Aspire, Care, Honest) and all that we do is based upon this ethos. What is wonderful is that our parents and family reinforce this too. I would like to mention two parents/family members who we consider are true Huntingtower REACHers – Mr M, who found a little boy who had wandered away and returned him to his very grateful mother and also Mr C, who helped a member of our community who hurt himself quite seriously on Harlaxton Road and provided emergency first aid treatment until the emergency services could arrive. The children will tell you that there’s no higher reward than our Gold Tower Badge – We look forward to presenting you with your award.

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  • Its a Wonderful Time of the Year

    Published 01/12/17

    As we reach the end of November and head to the more festive time of the year, we are no less busy! We felt very proud to be part of St Wulfram’s Christmas Tree Festival – our tree was displayed with a glorious range of trees and ideas. What made it really special was being able to take 50 of our pupils to see the trees and ice skate at the church. Pupils were chosen by pulling names out of a hat from all of our pupils who’s attendance is at 100% and it was great to see them enjoy their time amongst the trees, on the ice and shooting down the toboggan run! Many thanks go to Father Stuart who offered such a wonderful treat.

    With only one week to go until our Winter Fayre, the children have not only been working hard to complete their decorations to brighten up the corridors and shared areas but also to produce items to sell at the Fayre. Organised by our Friends of Huntingtower, the Fayre provides a great opportunity to enter into the festive spirit whilst supporting the Friends in their challenge to raise enough money to build a Multi-Usage Games Area (MUGA) on land adjoining the carpark. At the time of writing, we are aware that they would still love more volunteers to help man a stall for part or all of the Fayre. If you think you could help, please pop into the Acadamy Admin Office to let us know! Thank you also for all of your contributions for the Fayre itself. The children are looking forward to selling their products as well as enjoying the range of activities available. The choir will be singing toward the end of the event and they are always worth listening to. We can’t wait and hope you will join us there too!

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  • We are a Community School and proud of it!

    Published 24/11/17

    Monday’s assembly proved very exciting for the pupils when we welcomed back Ben Smith also known as Ben 401. Having achieved his amazing feat of running 401 marathons in 401 days, he came back to talk about his new challenge. We can’t wait to hear more and the children are keen to support Ben. He is an Inspire+ Ambassador so we will continue to find out more. He has inspired so many including Finley in Y4 who ran 26 miles in 26 days. He tells us that he is also planning a new challenge. This sounds exciting.

    It is also Road Safety Week and our pupils have spent some time considering how to be safe beyond our academy gates and within our wider community. We would like to ask for your help in this matter too. The roads around the academy were not built for the amount of traffic that now passes on them. Indeed, our staff car park, was not designed to accommodate the number of cars that now visit the academy every day. Because we are aware of the additional pressure that our academy puts on the local community in terms of parking, we have made additional space in our staff car parking area to help accomodate parents. We have become aware that despite additional spaces, some cars are not being parked within the allocated spaces and thus causing extra complications and restricting the flow. This, in turn, is leading to anxieties and tensions in what should be a peaceful and purposeful time. Please remember to park with the consideration of others and within the designated bays. Cars parked in unauthorised places will be moved on. We are aware that we have the largest car park in town for a Primary school, but continued incidents may leave us with no choice but to limit the access purely to staff and blue badge holders.

    On Thursday this week, we had a child who suddenly became unwell at the start of the lunchtime. Our paediatric first aider identified that we needed the support of the paramedics who were called and because the child was in the dinner hall at the time, we had to halt the serviing of dinners for a short while whilst the child’s needs were attended to. I am pleased to let you know that after a full check up, the paramedics were happy for the child to go home with his parents and I would personally like to thank all of the staff and pupils who were so understanding and supportive.

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  • Community is our Middle Name!

    Published 16/11/17

     I remember that when Huntingtower Road Primary School changed its name to Huntingtower Community Primary School, it was at a time when the Government wanted to encourage schools to be identified more with the communities in which they were located. Over time, the perception of community has changed and yet, I feel that Huntingtower always rises to the challenge of being part of the community. Monday was a special time for our pupils to spend time with a member of our community. Miss Norah English is a member of our Grantham community who has contributed widely over the years. Many may remember her from their childhood at the swimming pool where she used to volunteer. Now nearly 96, Norah maintains a very active social life including attending regular get-togethers with veterans of the WAF. As a veteran, she was invited to attend a special Top Table with some Year 6 pupils. She listened to their Remembrance poetry as well talked to them about their experiences at Huntingtower. They were delighted to discover that Miss English also attended Hunitngtower and I think some of the stories she told them made them glad that they attend the academy today and not in the 1920s! Miss English herself, told me that she wishes that she could come to school now!

    Thinking about the wider community, I would like to thank our Academy Council for organising our contribution to Children in Need. Only on Monday, did we explore Universal Children’s Day (20th November) and what better way to show it than for children to fund raise for other children less fortunate than themselves. We will let you know how much the children have raised in the next Tower Times. Thank you for your support.

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