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Early Years


Please spend time reading plenty of stories to your child. Traditional/fairy tales are always popular and give children a firm basis for writing later in their school journey. These stories can be found online if you do not have a copy of the book. CBeebies also have some brilliant bedtime stories at 6.50pm each day.

Please keep reading your child’s most recent home reading book and this will ensure they are using their phonics skills.

Ebooks are available on oxford owl and this website even has some red and green Read Write Inc books for children to read. Each class has its own log in

Please see below:

It is also useful for parents to sign up themselves. Please go to:



New films will be released at the times shown below from Monday to Friday. Each film is approximately ten to fifteen minutes long and will be available on YouTube for 24 hours. or








Once all of the sounds in the set have been covered, it will loop back again. The timetable will be posted in the weekly planning documents page.

This link will support parents in understanding Read Write Inc and what we do in the lessons.

Practise the set 1 sounds and reading them in words. Hairy Helicopters and Super Scooters phonics groups have recently learnt Set 2 sounds and can therefore practise using these too.   This has the pronunciation guide and what the picture clue is for set 1 and 2 sounds. (We have not covered Set 3 sounds yet so please do not use these).

RWI books are available on Oxford owl. Please make sure they are doing the colour of books that they were on whilst at school.


Children can practise spelling words using the sounds we have been learning. Please support children to spell approximately three words each day using the Set 1 sounds. These will be CVC three letter words e.g dog, pan, fox, six, run, jet.

Handwriting is also something to do a little bit of everyday and we have provided each child with a Set 1 Speed Sounds Book to record in. Remember to use the phrase to make sure children are forming the letters correctly e.g ‘Down the tower, across the tower.’ Please use a pencil for handwriting rather than a pen.


We use BBC Numberblocks to support our learning in Maths. Series two of Numberblocks is available on CBeebies Iplayer and will be ideal to watch and discuss with your child.

Children can also practise finding 1 more and 1 less than a number up to 10. Children may be able to calculate this mentally or use objects to support them.

We have recently been learning how to double a number up to 5+5. Children could use objects and fingers to practise their doubling skills. This is a useful doubling song to sing.

Topmarks have a variety of counting and number recognition games for children to access online.

Wider curriculum:

We have been learning about different types of vehicles this term. Over the next couple of weeks we had planned to learn about trains. Children could research different types of trains, or even other types of transport that interests them.

Children may want to make a poster or even create a junk model of their favourite vehicle.

Don’t forget to keep active. Walking is an excellent form of exercise and is practical too. There are also plenty of videos on youtube to keep children active e.g dance, yoga.

There are also free home packs from the following websites:

Twinkl - to access these resources click on the link and sign up using your own email address and creating your own password. Use the offer code UKTWINKLHELPS.