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Memories of an AMAZING Diamond Day!

So much done to help kick off our jubilee celebrations. Harry made some fab cakes!

 I had been thinking about how we could mark this very special week for a while. I knew it was my classes turn to present their assembly, Mr Anderson wanted whole school to be involved, The PTFA had bought hundreds of mugs, Newton has a new cloak and suddenly summer arrived! Everything was going brilliantly, skies were blue , bunting was white, a few of us were red from the weekends sunshine, what could go wrong?

Rehearsals moved on, children forgot their routines, the forecast got gloomier,  ordered costumes didn't arrive, the day dawned, the clouds gathered. Down Pour!! "Never Mind" said Mr Anderson "We've got enough space for all the parents and our visitors from Brick Kiln place." Miss Harkins twitched, we all breathed in... Then it began! No one forgot their lines, Parrot class danced their hearts out, the applause echoed throughout the hall, teachers spotted tears on parents cheeks, Mrs Kightley raised the roof with Diamond day.

 Two wet plays later, were we bothered? No, the procession went ahead. Crowns sparkled, eleven classes followed Newton's circuit round a packed school, we clapped, we waved (crisps got in the new carpet, Mrs Goodband hoovered...) Then it was over! The odd sandwich left, the echo of a cheer. Quietly the bunting wafted in the empty "street". I picked up my bags and set off for home, a smile inside me that went from top to toe!

Mrs Coyle