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Year 3 and 4 go back in time in Lincoln

A day in Lincoln is a bit like going to the Pyramids!


On friday years 3 and 4 went to Lincoln Museum to visit the Ancient Egyptian Collection. We took part in 6 different activities including the big dig, where we got a chance to dig and discover different artefacts from Ancient Egypt. We had to decide once we had found the artefact whether they were replicas or the real thing - i'm sure I dug up a real necklace!

We were also given a tour of the Museum which was very interesting and we found out many new facts, my Mum who came with us on the day enjoyed this part very much!

It was a fantastic day with lots of fun had by all, it is worth a visit again, so be sure to take your parents!

Jessica-Leigh Tamplin (Parrotts)

I had never been to Lincoln Museum before and was impressed by all the artefacts that they had to show. It was absolutely fantastic to see all the children so interested and asking so many questions about all the things they could see. I was also impressed when the tour guide told me that the children were being exceptionally well behaved and quiet for the size of the group, especially as she had had a smaller group in the day before who were much noisier! A fantastic trip all round.

Mrs Tamplin (Helper on the day)