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Learning Through Curiosity

I always admire those groups that you see on Britain’s Got Talent where lots of dancers or gymnasts all work together to produce a polished, engaging performance where everyone has a role and they perform it to the best of their ability. This is very similar to the every day life of Huntingtower.

This week in particular, I have been immensely proud of how our children have approached their learning as well the understanding others have demonstrated for those who are more in the limelight. As you know, there are points in a child’s life where their abilities in certain subjects are measured. With this Year 2 and Year 6 cohorts, we have been particularly impressed with their positive attitude towards these statutory assessments. The Year 6 pupils even greeted me with a cheer when I said it was the Maths papers that day! We encourage our children to be the best that they can be but also work hard to ensure that they understand that in all things, there needs to be balance – this brings me back to my original comment. This week, our timetables and routines have been altered and yet, the opportunities to explore and learn have been the same, with the same effort, whether it has been inside or out.

Well done to our pupils for all of their hard work and effort. I hope that they enjoy the weekend and maybe take part in the up and coming historical events on Saturday – the Royal Wedding or the FA Cup!


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