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  • A Great Start to the Year!

    Published 13/09/18

    Welcome to the start of academic year 2018-19! This is the first News item of the year and I look forward to keeping you up to date with the events, achievements and news of the academy. We have now 420 pupils at our academy and every single pupil has the potential to achieve well and make the most of their time with us. I know that the staff are looking forward to the year ahead. I would like to welcome our newest pupils in Kangaroos and Koalas; you have made an amazing start to your education.

    No sooner have we started than we are looking forward to future events this term – on Monday, 24thSeptember, I will be presenting a Harvest Festival Assembly to the pupils in Y1-6. Again, we would like to collect items to be donated to our local food bank – a separate letter will be coming out with a list of items the foodbank would appreciate receiving. Thank you in advance for your donations.

    Over the coming months you will hopefully see some changes to the Tower Times which we hope will help to continue to improve communication; we will keep you posted as to its relaunch

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  • Goodbye to Year 6

    Published 20/07/18

    They have been amazing! We wish them every success in the future. Thank you, Year 6.

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  • End of an Amazing Year!

    Published 18/07/18

    It really has been a wonderful year with many highs to celebrate. We have achieved new highs academically, in sports, performance and even our charitable contributions. Our pupils have worked hard, made the most of the year and if the number of merits that have been collected are anything to go by, excelled. I would like to thank the pupils for making the year so special as well the adults (staff and parents) who have supported them.

    The end of a year is always bitter sweet. We have to say good-bye to our amazing Year 6. We have loved having you at the academy for the last seven years and we know that you are now ready to move on to the next phase in your education. Thank you for all of your hard work and endeavours. We also have to say goodbye to some members of staff; Mrs Helliwell, Mrs Thompson, Mr Doughty and Mrs Lopes are all moving on to pastures new and whilst we will miss them terribly, we wish the best of luck in their new roles. We will also be welcoming Mrs Hand to Year 4 in September although this is not a new member of staff but rather Miss Widdison using her married name. She and her future husband are looking forward to a late July wedding and we wish them every happiness in their future together.

    That just leaves to us wish you a very happy holidays. Let’s hope that the weather continues to be sunny and you enjoy your time together as a family. We look forward to seeing you back at the academy on Tuesday, 4th September 2018.

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  • Living History!

    Published 11/07/18

    Sometimes we live through very exciting times without even knowing that we are part of the history that the future generations will talk about. The summer of 2018 will be talked about in years to come for many reasons; Britain were lucky enough to be part of an extended heat wave, our English football team performed brilliantly in the World Cup and got to a higher stage in the competition than they had for a very long time. And in between these momentous events, our pupils are experiencing their own milestones. Whether it is completing their first year at school, buying their first merit reward item or even preparing to leave their primary school, memories have been made alongside these momentous occasions. For me, it is 20 years since I was offered a job at a large primary school in Grantham called Huntingtower Road and I think it's an anniversary that I’ll remember for a long time!

    This week, our Key Stage 2 assessments were returned to us by the Government. I have to say, it was a very exciting time logging onto the Government website on Tuesday morning at 7.30am. I can report that we are immensely proud of our Year 6 pupils’ achievements. They have performed brilliantly and by their actions, they have thanked all of the staff who have worked with them across the years. They will now move on to their secondary schools with some impressive supportive information, demonstrating what amazing learners they are.

    We are now approaching our final week of school and it promises to be a busy one. With our Year 6s performing on Tuesday and Wednesday,  our final shared assembly on Thursday with our Endeavour Assembly followed by the Year 6 Leavers’ Disco hosted by the Friends of Huntingtower  in the evening, we’re looking forward to the Celebration Barbecue on Friday lunch time. We hope you can join us. For more information, please see the posts in your Parent Hub app.

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  • New News Story

    Published 05/07/18

    Yet another fantastic week where the sun has continued to shine and the children have continued to blossom with their learning. On Monday, we were awed and delighted when one of our Year 6 pupils won Primary Pupil of the Year at the Lincolnshire Education Golden Apple Awards. A very prestigious award and an amazing trophy – well done to Logan in Zebras, we are very proud. Please see the photo below.

    Quickly following on from that, the academy then experienced ‘Moving Up Day’ which was a huge success. Not only did we meet our future Early Years’ pupils and families but everyone got a chance to spend a day in their new classrooms. It was both exciting and rewarding to see everyone in their new places.

    It’s sad to think that we’re coming to the end of another year, but what a year it has been. At the moment, I am reading every report and am honoured that I get the opportunity to add my own comment. It allows me time to reflect back over the children’s achievements as well as those special moments that they will remember in years to come. It makes me wonder where the time has gone as we get ready for the last few weeks of our Year 6s’ time at Huntingtower. It only seems like 5 minutes since they arrived (I think they are tired of me saying that but it’s true!). There’s still so much to do starting with our reward trip next week – we will tell you about it in next week’s Tower Times.

    Finally, fingers crossed everyone this weekend for a successful outcome of England’s next match on Saturday, I know that I’ll be watching!

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  • Huntingtower Superstars!

    Published 28/06/18

    What a stunning week this has been. Not only glorious weather every day but the opportunity for pupils to get out and about in our spacious outdoor areas. There have been lots of Daily Miles walked or run as well as investigation of the environment for science. Races Day, whilst a hot one was very successful and if you were able to join us, I hope that you enjoyed yourselves. The children demonstrated great sportsmanship too! The children have worked hard to prepare for their athletic events and many thanks go to Mrs Duxbury-Mead, Mrs Dilloway and Mr Doughty for their coaching support and Mr Moore and Mr Wallace for their organisation for the day. With all of the excitement of the World Cup, we are feeling very sporty and so can’t wait for Team Sports on the morning of Friday, 13th July. This is normally the time when we have Celebration Assembly so for that week only, we will hold this assembly on Thursday, 12th July at 9.10 am.

    What better way to finish a fantastic week than to have our Friends of Huntingtower Summer Fayre? If you haven’t returned your raffle tickets, its not too late to bring them on the day (before 12pm). There are lots of stalls, games and refreshment and hope that you can find the time to join us. All proceeds go to the academy.

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  • Don't Be Afraid to Try!

    Published 21/06/18

    This week, our pupils have been informed of their next class for the academic year for 2018-19. With this information, they have already visited their new class and teacher on Wednesday morning. This first session was a huge success as the children met with new and old friends as well as getting to know the staff who will support them. For some, this is a change of Key Stage and for others, a change in expectation as they become the oldest pupils in the academy. What about the Year 6, you ask. Well, they have become our Huntingtower Helpers. After nearly 7 years with us, they have become willing volunteers completing jobs that will benefit the whole academy. It appears that there is quite a list and they are happy to oblige. They have been a wonderful group of leaders and whilst we are pleased that they are about to start a new and exciting step in their educational journey, they will be missed.

    We’re now just a week away from the Summer Fayre. Hopefully, you’ve received raffle tickets through your child, please remember that tickets and monies need to be returned by Friday, 29th June. I know that the children love a non-uniform day and thanks again for your contributions. We hope you can join the Friends of Huntingtower and staff on Saturday, 30th June. Keep your fingers crossed that this lovely, warm weather continues so that we can make the most of the day.

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  • A Week to Remember

    Published 14/06/18

    Primary education is all about gaining experience. During the time that our children are at Huntingtower, they learn to read, write, calculate and problem-solve. Our pupils work hard and should be applauded for their hard work. If this was all that we teach, it would be a very narrow curriculum. We ensure that across the year, the children have the opportunity to widen their knowledge and skills in a range of subjects and we think very carefully to ensure that their experiences don't just enhance their learning but also provide the foundations for them becoming future citizens of society. This week has been an example of this with several trips taking place including the Year 6 residential trip to PGL. The staff who stayed with the pupils over the weekend were incredibly proud of the way in which our pupils handled challenges and new experiences - if you'd like to see more about PGL and the other events, please check out the video on Twitter, Facebook or here on our website.

    June is always a busy month of the year and this June is proving to be the same. In little over a fortnight's time, the Friends of Huntingtower and staff will be holding the annual Summer Fayre on the Sports Field. Please see the flyer for more details and look out for their Raffle Tickets in your child's book bag. We hope you can join us on the day as there will be lots to do and join in with. All proceeds will go to the Friends of Huntingtower who continue to support us. This year alone, they have donated books to the academy as well as buy the Y6 leavers' hoodies. There is a non-uniform day next Friday in anticipation of the event - KS2 pupils have been asked to bring in summer toys such as balls and outdoor games and KS1/EYs have been asked to bring in sweets or chocolate for the Tombola. We would like to thank you in advance for your continued support.

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  • REACHing Wherever We Are!

    Published 07/06/18

    Welcome to the final term of 2018-19. It seems that we’ve blinked and found ourself in June although when we look at the children, we can see how much they have grown. It has been an incredibly busy week that started with our assembly on Monday morning on Healthy Eating. You’ll be pleased to know that they have a great understanding of what they should eat and how often. I know they enjoy the lunches that our kitchens provide and eat the fruit that we offer; Years 1,2 and 3 had the opportunity to work with Roots to Food this week. Darren is a very inspiring chef and passionate about encouraging children to make positive choices about their food. Year 1 and 3 took part in an activity session which ended with a healthy smoothie and Year 2 cooked the best Chicken Rogan Josh, I’ve ever tasted. If you would like to see what they did with Roots to Food, please check the classes’ Twitter accounts and the video that can be found on our website, twitter feed and Facebook. The video is also full of the children’s achievements out of school too. We love to hear about their successes and it helps us to understand what interests and motivates them too.

    As you begin the weekend, spare a thought for the Y6 pupils and staff who are about take on a thrilling set of challenges at PGL. For the children (and those adults who dare), it will be trying new things and gaining experiences that they’ll remember for ever. For the adults, I know they will enjoy working with the children to ensure that they have the best time possible. Huge thanks goes to staff who give their time freely and the Friends of Huntingtower who have kindly paid for the children’s leavers hoodies.

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  • Community is at the Heart of Huntingtower

    Published 24/05/18

    When asked the name of our school, often people just say ‘Huntingtower’. Huntingtower has a rich history now spanning back over 100 years. For those of us who are lucky enough to work here, we more often say ‘Huntingtower Community Primary’ as we are not only proud to be part of Huntingtower, we’re proud to be part of the community it serves. We work hard to support our pupils in their journey to become citizens of the future and this has been demonstrated most recently in our Year 5 and 6 classes taking on the challenge of the potholes! They have researched and written letters to send to the council as they are seriously concerned with the state of our roads. We will let you know if we have a response!

    We are also pleased to announce that our community is about to get bigger. From 1st June, Huntingtower Community Primary with be part of the Priory Federation of Academies Trust. We will be the third to join in the Southern Hub, joining with Priory Ruskin and Priory Belvoir although there are more primary and secondary schools located in Lincoln. We look forward to working with the other academies, bringing new experiences and ideas to our school in the future. In terms of our day to day running, very little will change but working with other good and outstanding schools unlocks a wealth of possibilities for the future. We wish you a happy half term holiday and look forward to welcoming the children back on Monday, 4th June 2018.

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