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Future plans for Huntingtower and its community

Exciting new venture unveiled


Huntingtower Community Primary Academy was very fortunate four years ago to have received the opportunity to construct a new school building. As part of the agreement for this they agreed with the authority to admit 60 pupils each year. This would take them to 420 by 2019 making them the largest primary school in Grantham. However, this also comes with a problem in that some of the facilities will not be large enough for the whole school. As a consequence, they are exploring ways of improving and enhancing what we already have.

The Academy has always been proud of its links with the community and this was recognised in 2013 when it was awarded the Inclusion Quality Mark. In fact, its work was recognised as being so good that they accredited it with Centre of Excellence status. This was a wonderful achievement and greatly appreciated.

With such an emphasis by Huntingtower on community inclusion they decided that if they were to build new facilities they wanted to ensure the community was catered for. Therefore, this consultation is about asking you to express your views on how we can enhance the area around Huntingtower Road with these new facilities.

Much thought has already gone into this project and we have a proposal. However, we need to ensure your views and opinions about improving this area are considered and we know what your needs are. The following is our proposal:

  • Nursery
  • Multi Use Games Area (MUGA)
  • Fully equipped sports hall and gymnasium and changing Facilities
  • Welcoming are with café facilities
  • Meeting rooms
  • 24 additional parking spaces

These facilities will be available for the use of the Huntingtower Community and beyond. Subsequently, they need to know they are catering for your needs and considering your concerns. They have thought of some of these concerns and hope the proposal will enhance the area considerably and provide a focus for the community. There will be 24 more parking spaces therefore easing parking issues at school start and finish times. The sporting facilities will be used predominantly by the Academy during school hours thus not attracting additional traffic. However, other facilities will be available by prior booking. All of the facilities will be available to book after school hours and we hope to be able to provide premises to groups that the community can access and providing a richness to the area.

The Academy genuinely wants to make the Huntingtower Road area even better than it is and need your help. Come and share with them your thoughts about the future needs of the area and your concerns about their plans. If you feel your organisation could benefit from being part of this, have some ideas, concerns or reservations (or you simply have an interest in finding out) then share these with the staff present or make a note on the post-its and put them on the wall. Let’s work together to improve the futures of those living in and around Huntingtower Road.