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Martin Luther King Day

How do our values connect to this amazing civil rights activist?

The United States celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King to remember the struggle he started to make life fairer in the US. Arguably, there may not have been a black president of the United States if it was not for him. However, how does that link to the children and community of Huntingtower. 

•Our Values - REACH - Respect, Expect, Aspire, Care, Honest
•British Values
–Democracy – people’s right to have their say
–Rule of Law – respect for it
–Individual liberty – to be free
–Mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and cultures

Mr Anderson explored this with the children and staff today and linked it to Huntingtower's values, British values and the United Nations Convention on Human Rights for Children. We all have the right to express our opinions...but not an any cost! Here are a couple of articles to understand the connection. We have an Academy Council to help your child's voice be heard. Have a look at the file below to find out more.


Have some fun and see if you can work out who the people are in the slides and how they link together!