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Endeavour Assembly

Great to celebrate those who endeavoured this term

This term, like most others has been extremely busy. The children have worked hard as have the staff. Well done to everyone for all their achievements but today was about celebrating those children who have really endeavoured this term. Below is the list of nominations from each class. The winners were Tommy K from Class Tigers and Joe M from Class Lions.

Koalas – Paige H

Kangaroos – Lily-Mae T

Leopards – Oskar S

Pandas – Maya A

Meerkats – Lola-Rose A

Tigers – Tommy K

Lemurs – Nicola S

Wolves – Ilianas J

Rhinos – Ola (Aleksandra) P

Wombats - Taijah H

Gazelles – Kyla L

Panthers – Valerija K

Lions – Joe M

Zebras – Jimmy S