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Open evening helps finish the job!

Over £80 pounds raised from Mr A's cakes......well, and some others!

Friday evening saw the best coming out of our staff and was great to welcome parents so they could see how good our new school really is. For the first time, all existing parents were invited to come and have a look at our school. For the privilege, staff baked cakes and sold them to raise money to ensure the school hall can have new lighting and be as good as the rest of the school.

Despite the work that has taken place throughout the school, sadly, the hall is the only thing that will not be touched. However, we have a plan.....Our estimate is that it will cost about £6000 to decorate, replace the lighting and get some new curtains. With the help of parents, the local community and staff we know we can raise this money. This will complete the renewal and renovation of Huntingtower.

On the same occasion, we celebrated the fact that the PTFA raised over £10000 last year to help us furnish the whole new school. So far we have hundreds of new chairs, tens of tables and over 180 lockers. What a fabulous result. We are just waiting for some of the classroom furniture and we will have achieved far more than we could have thought 12 months ago. Well done and a great thank you to the PTFA. What a team.

Even Mr A made some cakes! Of course, his cakes were far more popular and raised even more than everyone else’s. Unfortunately, the other teachers’ cakes were much nicer….but thank you for spending the time and money to raise £83!!