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Castle Wars!

The most amazing day at Huntingtower!

Well done to the children of Year 1 and 2 for their most amazing presentation of learning! The children worked so hard to make their castles, organise the day and present their learning. It finished with an incredible jousting tournament from the Knights of Middle England. 

The day started with another spectacular display from nature as we were lucky enough to witness the partial eclipse of the sun. Mr Jim Kirby was good, and organised enough, to obtain some glasses to witness the event and it even made our very own Sir Jonathan of Huntingtower a little puzzled! He had never witnessed the like of before. Good job our children were able to explain the physics of it all. Even the Horses of the Knights of Middle England had to work out what it was all about!

The day involved not only a visit by the Knights but also of a falconry display. It was incredible and enabled the children to understand about adaptation and variation. The man who came was incredibly knowledgeable and made the children think very hard about why birds were the way they were.



Finally, the joust came about and it was brilliant to see so many of our parents and carers wanting to come along and learn with their child. Well done everyone and thank you for such a fantastic day. 

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