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Badminton Festival

Sam from Lions Class reports on the badminton festival.

On Thursday 22nd January from 3:30 until 5:30 we took part in a badminton festival. We did 8 different sections.

First one was where you ran through some zig zags and then a partner threw a shuttle to you and you had to throw the shuttle in a hoop.

After that we had a hitting one, where you threw a shuttle to the hitter and the hitter hit the shuttle and someone had to catch it.

Next was a fun one. You jumped on a board with a ball on and it went zooming over your head and then someone had to catch it for a point.

Next was a station were you threw a shuttle up in the air and you had to try to hit it in a hoop. Next one was where you had a match with a partner and count how many you could rally and that would be your points.

After the last one there were loads of shuttles and what you had to do was run to them. You would get one and then put them on a spot and when you've done that you do the opposite and put them back in the middle.

Then when all the points came in we, Huntingtower came 4th :):):) we did very well as a team and we worked together.                                        By Sam - Lions

 Many thanks once again to Miss Booton for extra support. The children had a great time and it was lovely to be able to involve Year 4 children in this festival.                                                Mrs Duxbury-Mead