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Former pupil gains gold!

Congratulations to Joe Creasey for achieveing his Gold Sports Ambassador Award

 Well done to Joe Creasy on becoming a Gold Young Ambassador (YA). Joe, who attends Kings School, recently got selected from his school to represent Inspire+.

Joe attended Huntingtower Academy and was selected to be a Bronze Young Ambassador in year 5. He was also selected as a gifted and talented child for sport throughout his primary years. Joe had to undertake training, talk in front of large groups and organise events as his role as a bronze YA at Huntingtower. Since then Joe has worked his way up to become a Gold Young Ambassador which will lead to more responsibilities and leadership responsibilities. Joe has had his first Gold YA training in September when Ambassador Craig Heap (Gold medal Olympian in gymnastics) shared his own experience that nothing is impossible.

Our Current Year 5 and 6 Bronze YAs have had similar training and will be leading an assembly in November. This will be to inform KS2 of our sports ambassador, Sarah Outen, who is currently traveling London to London via the world for charity.

From Joe’s experience, and having him as a role model, he demonstrates to our current pupils that they have many opportunities to inspire too.

Joe will also join us on Friday 24th October to help coach our Year 2 children with Mrs Duxbury-Mead.

Congratulations to Joe from Huntingtower Academy