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Huntingtower receives prestigious award

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hanks to the hard work, dedication and commitment of our staff we have been awarded the Inclusion Quality Mark and been made a Centre of Excellence. This is what they said about our school.

"Inclusion Quality Mark

Assessment Summary

Assessment Date:

14th and 15th July 2014


Dr Wendy Daley

Huntingtower Community Primary Academy is situated within a diverse socio-economic area of Grantham. The community is composed of profoundly identifiable yet diverse social groups. A number are current and ex-service families settling here, drawn by the national identification of the availability of affordable housing in Grantham. Another group is the ‘upwardly mobile’ who recognise the advantage of a nearby railway station. The European community provide an enriching European dynamic … And finally there is the indigenous population (predominantly white) who project a climate of inter-generational continuance and history. Add to this the fact that the actual physical construction of Huntingtower crosses many architectural genres and you begin to understand why growing Inclusion has been an essential element of this school’s development. As the school has grown and sprawled so it has redefined and made emphatic its culture of belonging and of shared membership and voices that are heard.

This school has never shied away from challenge or change but has embraced both. It exudes the excitement of wonder and of new discoveries to be encountered. Corners and cross roads are not viewed with anxiety but as thrilling opportunities to venture into unknown yet to be explored territory. It is the same as that special youthful energy that builds and holds, hope and inspiration .This school can only do this because of the remarkable strength of its shared beliefs and the web of inter-connecting systems that it creates in order to always ensure that there are safety nets under everyone’s foot step.

Every member of this school is known and their contribution and voice invited and valued. This school builds together and hands reach out to touch the hearts and minds of each individual. This does not mean that there are excuses. Nothing could be further from the truth. Knowledge of the individual enables challenge to be a real energy. No excuses are offered or accepted. Where there is a gap, a structure is devised … when any difficulty is identified, a remedy is offered. There is a restless energy here for staff to fulfil the responsibility to build life skills for the future. High achievement is the positive outcome of this committed investment. 

Making learning real is a creative spirit here that underpins all the learning systems. Enthusiasm for learning is endemic. There is shared pride and exhilaration in each aspect of success or of achievement. Without the profound safe-distanced experiential opportunities it is realised that attainment would just be an add-on. This school understands the significance of diverting energy into building sustainable holistic lifelong learners.

The school is fully aware that ALL does mean ALL. The strength of partnership is valued and the inclusive pedagogy focuses on drawing in all members of its community. There are no get–out clauses. It is a ‘shoulder to shoulder’ community. Expectation, aspiration and inspiration are unequivocal and reflect absolute humility of equanimity. This is a school of Conviction Leadership.

Dawn Bradshaw (SENDCo) has enthusiastically led the collation and presentation of evidence in readiness for the assessment. The Self Evaluation Report is comprehensive and thorough and reflects the capacity of this school to build still further forward. The determination of leadership to sustain inclusive vision is undeniable.

My recommendation is that this school be awarded IQM accreditation and that it also move to Centre of Excellence status. This to be supported by the production of a three year action plan based on the identified and agreed development points. The action plan should also reflect the school’s determination to respond to the challenge and expectation of COE status. The action will then be reviewed after one year.

Huntingtower is operating at a high level of inclusive understanding. The development points are offered in an advisory capacity and not meant to be slavishly actioned. It is hoped that the school will prioritise some areas and build steadily through the year to the first review. In line with the school’s philosophy, they are intended to be aspirational and to offer further guidance and support to the enriched provision so evidential here."