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Your Gardening Club needs you! Can you help?

Our next project is to build our ‘bottle greenhouse’ but unfortunately we are in need of 6ft bamboo canes.

The bulbs that we all planted last year are just starting to peep through – we cannot wait to see all the different colours and types of flowers.

Our next project is to build our ‘bottle greenhouse’. We have some donations of wood to help build the frame, which is fantastic, and of couse we are well on the way to having the 1,500 bottles we need to complete it! Thank you all very much.

What we are short of is the six foot bamboo canes we need to fix the bottles onto to create the sides, roof and door – it takes 140 canes to hold all the bottles – can you help? Any donations of 6ft canes would be most appreciated, as we are very keen to get started on our bottle house after half-term – our plan is to grow plants to sell at the Summer Fayre to help raise money for gardening tools and equipment. Thank you.