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Bad Weather Warning!

Keep on top of the weather warnings and know what is happening at school

Snow can be fun!! It doesn't always seem that way and can cause some logistical issues. If you know it is going to snow then try to plan ahead. Perhaps get up that little bit earlier and set off five miuntes before usual. Maybe even walk!

Another update on the weather situation. Always check the school website, Twitter or Facebook page. A link to the BBC weather report for Grantham is also here: You can also check on the Lincolnshire County Council site, BBC Radio Lincolnshire site and LincsFM. 

Lincs Fm school closure page is:

BBC school closure page:

LCC school closure site:

BBC weather report for Grantham:

Please be aware that the paths and roads around school can be very dangerous. Huntingtower Road is gritted by LCC but the service road to the station tunnel is not, or the pavements. These are not our roads and therefore not our responsibility. Please take care when wlking your child across the road.