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Watch out for the bad weather!

With the nights getting longer and even colder we all need to take care

 It is always a little grim when the nights get longer and colder. We watch the forecast with surprise when the blue patches are followed by white ones. Every year we are surprised at the ice and snow and never prepared. Let's see if we can make a difference here?!

As a school we always aim never to close, however, from time to time things get beyond our control. In the event of Huntingtower having to close we will always let you know as soon as possible. If it is weather before school we aim to have a decision made before 7.30am. If it is during the school day we will let you know with as much time as possible   to make suitable arrangements to pick up your child. (Please see below for all methods of contact).



You may recall our superheros who pulled a boy out of the frozen canal last winter. Let'shope we don't have a repeat. We have been informed by some parents and children that the Water Safety Society have produced some useful guidance (please see the link at the bottom of this page). There is also a fun colouring activity too. Enjoy learning about how to keep yourselves safe this winter.


The way we will let you know about any school closure is through the following methods:

·       BBC Radio Lincolnshire - 94.9 and 104.7FM

·       Lincs FM - 96.7 and 102.2FM

.       Our parent text round service



· and search for “Huntingtower”