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Top Table is a success

Children talk about why the top table is so good



I was lucky enough to win a golden ticket to sit on the first ever top table. We had fancy red and blue wine goblets, filled with either a choice of orange or blackcurrant flavoured juice to drink.

There was also flamboyant variety of flowers sitting in the middle of the table for us to admire. We had waitresses bring our food to the table, which we were sat at. I had jacket potato with cheese, tuna and salad. For desert I had chocolate cake, oozing with rich velvety chocolate sauce. But not just that, there were place mats shaped as red apples and a basket full of bread for us to help ourselves from. Also, lots and lots of fruit to enjoy!

Remember if you keep your manners and REACH at all times, you too could be invited to sit on the top table!