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Exciting news on the new build

Finally, the work begins!


Levelling the groundIt’s been a long time coming but work has finally started on the new build. The facilities that we will then be provided with are new offices and entrance, library/atrium, studio, community rooms, kitchen facilities, 7 newPlan of what the school will look like classrooms for KS2, additional learning spaces for small groups and much of Key Stage 1 and Foundation Stage being remodelled! Phew, what a lot to look forward to!
As you can see from the photographs the ground work has already begun. The playground has been removed to build the foundations to the Where the car park will beseven new classrooms, studio and library. The crane is in position to put the construction offices but there will be two cranes in position when we come back from the summer!An artist's impression of what the new build will look like....including gulls!!
Keep logging on to see what progress has been made.