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  • 19/09/19

    September Success!

    We feel that the September sunshine has spurred on success in so many aspects of the Academy. Our newest pupils continue to familiarise themselves with their classrooms and environments; there are a lot of happy faces as they leave the hall after lunch so we know they are enjoying trying new foods...
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  • 12/09/19

    A Fantastic Start to 2019-20!

    Welcome to our academic year 2019-20. As we head towards the next decade, we have a really exciting year ahead of us. It has been wonderful to welcome our new Early Years pupils into Kangaroos and Koalas classes and have been so pleased with how they have settled into their new routines. The rest of...
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  • 11/07/19

    Sporting Stars!

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  • 04/07/19

    Sports in the Sunshine!

    What a glorious week we have had. The sun burst through the clouds just in time for our Summer Fayre on Friday night and it helped to make the event really special.
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  • 27/06/19

    Racing into July!

    We are quickly reaching the final few weeks of the academic year and there is no sign of our enthusiasm for learning waning! It was a pleasure to visit Warwick Castle with the Year 6 pupils; they were curious and enthusiastic and epitomised the our academy and trust values.
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  • 20/06/19

    Making the most of the Possibilities

    Another week and another set of learning opportunities that our pupils have made the most of. Our Early Years’ pupils had a fantastic day at Sacrewell Farm and it provided a wonderful environment for the children to extend their understanding of British animals.
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  • 13/06/19

    Jubilant June!

    Wow! What a week! It is rare for a school week to start immediately after the end of another week but this is what happened when many of our Year 6 pupils left school and went directly to Caythorpe PGL.
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  • 06/06/19

    Jumping into June!

    I hope everyone has had a great week off and are happy to be back at the academy. The final term of the year is always busy and full of mixed emotions.
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  • 23/05/19

    Magnificent May!

    What a fantastic end to what has been a very short but full term! There have been so many opportunities for our pupils to shine over the last few weeks that we would like to mention a few.
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  • 16/05/19

    Making the Most of Every Moment

    For many schools, this week is often only remembered by the KS2 SATs week. At Huntingtower, whilst we recognise that it is important for pupils to show their families, future schools and others what they have learned in the last four years, we also believe that English and mathematics are only...
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