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  • 07/11/19

    Passionate Pupils!

    One of the Trust values is Passion and we definitely take our values seriously. The pupils are fully immersed in our opportunities for learning our curriculum provides and it is their passion to take part as well as learn more that drives their achievement. The are committed citizens in our communit...
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  • 31/10/19

    Welcome to Term 2!

    Welcome to the start of Term 2. We hope you had a wonderful week away from the academy and you are looking forward to what this term has to bring. We are delighted with how the children have returned full of enthusiasm and excited for what is possible. We already have much to celebrate; please see t...
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  • 17/10/19

    The End of a Great Term

    What a wonderful first term we have had. Not only have we welcomed all of our new Early Years’ pupils and their families, we have also welcome ten other pupils across the year groups. They have added to our community and we love having them with us. Over the year, we will be exploring the diff...
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  • 10/10/19

    Making the Most of Every Moment

    What a busy week we have had at the academy. It was wonderful to meet with parents and carers at Parents' evening this week and we hope you found it beneficial. It really was a community event with the Book Fair and the pop up Uniform Shop at the academy too. With every book purchased, Scholasti...
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  • 03/10/19

    We Are Sociable Citizens

    It has been another busy week at the Academy. Last week, the children in Year 1 to Year 6 all excised their democratic rights and voted for both their Tower Captains and Academy Councillors. In addition to this, our Year 5 and 6 pupils have had courage in their beliefs and put themselves forward for...
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  • 26/09/19

    By Our Actions, We Are Known

    As September reaches its close, the academy is now in full swing. The year is full of possibilities and we encourage our pupils to contribute fully to our community. This week, the local district council have kindly lent us a polling station for us to complete our Tower Captain and Academy Councillo...
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  • 19/09/19

    September Success!

    We feel that the September sunshine has spurred on success in so many aspects of the Academy. Our newest pupils continue to familiarise themselves with their classrooms and environments; there are a lot of happy faces as they leave the hall after lunch so we know they are enjoying trying new foods...
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  • 12/09/19

    A Fantastic Start to 2019-20!

    Welcome to our academic year 2019-20. As we head towards the next decade, we have a really exciting year ahead of us. It has been wonderful to welcome our new Early Years pupils into Kangaroos and Koalas classes and have been so pleased with how they have settled into their new routines. The rest of...
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  • 11/07/19

    Sporting Stars!

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  • 04/07/19

    Sports in the Sunshine!

    What a glorious week we have had. The sun burst through the clouds just in time for our Summer Fayre on Friday night and it helped to make the event really special.
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