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Spring Term 2020

Please click the attachments below to view our letters.

  1. Y3 Library Visit.PDF FileY3 Library Visit.PDF File
  2. Key Steps Competition.PDF FileKey Steps Competition.PDF File
  3. Swimarathon .PDF FileSwimarathon .PDF File
  4. 11+ Club Miss Harkins .PDF File11+ Club Miss Harkins .PDF File
  5. Y4 Library Trip .PDF FileY4 Library Trip .PDF File
  6. 11+ Club Mrs Thorpe.PDF File11+ Club Mrs Thorpe.PDF File
  7. Gym Letter.PDF FileGym Letter.PDF File
  8. Primary School Competition.PDF FilePrimary School Competition.PDF File
  9. Library Visit Card Reminder.PDF FileLibrary Visit Card Reminder.PDF File
  10. Attendance Award Gazelles.PDF FileAttendance Award Gazelles.PDF File
  11. Parent Teacher Meetings .PDF FileParent Teacher Meetings .PDF File
  12. Welcome Back Letter.PDF FileWelcome Back Letter.PDF File
  13. Wheelie Fun Day.PDF FileWheelie Fun Day.PDF File
  14. Swimarathon Letter.PDF FileSwimarathon Letter.PDF File
  15. Bikeability Non Riders re-schedule.PDF FileBikeability Non Riders re-schedule.PDF File
  16. Trip to Stibbington Y3 and 4.PDF FileTrip to Stibbington Y3 and 4.PDF File
  17. RWI Red Book Letter.PDF FileRWI Red Book Letter.PDF File
  18. RWI Workshop Letter.PDF FileRWI Workshop Letter.PDF File
  19. Lemurs Class .PDF FileLemurs Class .PDF File
  20. Headlice Panthers Class.PDF FileHeadlice Panthers Class.PDF File
  21. Swimming Y5 Gazelles - Term 4 .PDF FileSwimming Y5 Gazelles - Term 4 .PDF File
  22. Group A Bikeabilty Letter.PDF FileGroup A Bikeabilty Letter.PDF File
  23. Group B and C Bikeability.PDF FileGroup B and C Bikeability.PDF File
  24. Taster SessionAcademy Councillors.PDF FileTaster SessionAcademy Councillors.PDF File
  25. World Book Day Letter.PDF FileWorld Book Day Letter.PDF File
  26. Y6 Sats breakfast club .PDF FileY6 Sats breakfast club .PDF File
  27. Lemurs Parents' Evening .PDF FileLemurs Parents' Evening .PDF File
  28. PHE update (primary LM HT) - 28-02-20 (1).PDF FilePHE update (primary LM HT) - 28-02-20 (1).PDF File
  29. Invitation to story time letter - Kangaroos.PDF FileInvitation to story time letter - Kangaroos.PDF File
  30. Invitiation to story time letter - Koalas.PDF FileInvitiation to story time letter - Koalas.PDF File
  31. VE Day for Y3 and 4 .PDF FileVE Day for Y3 and 4 .PDF File
  32. Collection from After School Clubs.PDF FileCollection from After School Clubs.PDF File
  33. HTCV update.PDF FileHTCV update.PDF File
  34. Priory Closures-Parents&Carers 19.03.2020.PDF FilePriory Closures-Parents&Carers 19.03.2020.PDF File
  35. Coronavirus Update .PDF FileCoronavirus Update .PDF File
  36. Letter regarding Critical Workers .PDF FileLetter regarding Critical Workers .PDF File
  37. Government Guidance for Critical Workers.PDF FileGovernment Guidance for Critical Workers.PDF File
  38. Free School Meals Children.PDF FileFree School Meals Children.PDF File
  39. Critical Workers.PDF FileCritical Workers.PDF File
  40. Letter to children and parents.PDF FileLetter to children and parents.PDF File
  41. Year 6 parents/carers and children .PDF FileYear 6 parents/carers and children .PDF File
  42. Parent letter - Covid 19 TPlumb.PDF FileParent letter - Covid 19 TPlumb.PDF File