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English as an Additional Language

At Huntingtower Community Primary School we are very proud to have children who are from many other countries learning along side us. 

At the moment we have over 100 children who are from countires such as; Russia, Lithuania, India, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Turkey, Spain, Philippines and South Africa to name but a few. 

If you look at the links on the page below you will find websites and activities that could help support your child.

We pride ourselves on the relationships we have developed with all of our families and endeavour to communicate with them to ensure our children make the most of the opportunities we offer. Where possible we will translate communications with families (where requested). Whilst we make every attempt to ensure the translated letters we send out are accurate we cannot be certain we have provided 100% accurate translations. If there is an inaccuracy please can you notify us immediately so we can rectify it and if you could inform us of the correct translation that would help considerably. Finally, if you would like to help us with the letters then please get in touch.