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March 2019

  • All The Things We Love To Do!

    Published 28/03/19

    Only this week, one of the Priory Primary Headteachers came to visit Huntingtower. I am always proud to welcome visitors to our academy and I was delighted to hear what he thought of our school. He told me that he could feel both the happiness and the purpose in all of the classrooms and I have to agree. Your children, our pupils, make the most of every moment and more importantly, enjoy their learning. Each week as I make the video, I am able to see the effort our children put into their learning  as well as the achievements they reach. I know that children look forward to seeing themselves on the video as much as the staff and parents do. The video can not only be found here on our academy website but also on Twitter and Facebook on the Academy pages. 

    We are about to begin the last week of term and I congratulate both the children and the staff on another wonderful term. Academically, the children strive to be the best that they can be, to improve on their skills and gain knowledge that they can apply in a wider context. In terms of the personal development curriculum, they apply themselves consistently to widening their experiences and becoming stronger in those identified characteristics we believe are so important. Many thanks goes again to the Rotary Sunshine group who have offered to come and present the Rotary Sunshine Award. This award is given once every short term to celebrate children who have demonstrated not only a caring nature but also a generosity in spirit and actions. The children receive both a certificate and a badge (which they can wear with pride at the academy).

    I hope you have a great weekend and remember that the clocks go forward on Sunday as we enter British Summer time!


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  • Always Striving to Improve!

    Published 21/03/19

    We have been so busy with events that link to our wider communities that I wondered what might happen this week after all of these events were completed? Would it feel a little flat after the wonders of World Book Day, British Science Week and Comic relief? The answer is quite simply no! Each phase base their subjects' learning around a theme and these have really inspired the children's curiosity and provided them with many opportunities to improve their learning (which is our personal development theme). It is the first time in many years, that the academy has studied the Stone Age and we have been really impressed with the children's desire to learn more; they have demonstrated that they really understand what it is like to be historians. I hope that it inspires them to continue to learn about other times in British history that have contributed to the lives that we lead today.

    We are about to enter the last two weeks of the Spring term and we still have many more events and experiences to fit into this time. Next week, the Years 1 and 2 will be participating in Great Fire of London themed days which will culminate in a presentation to parents,  Friday's celebration assembly will also include our termly visit from the Rotary Sunshine group to present the Rotary Stars and the final week will host our final assembly of the term; Endeavour assembly on Thursday, 4th April. These assemblies are some our favourite moments in our academy year and we look forward to seeing family and friends join us to celebrate their children's achievements.

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  • Scientists of the Future!

    Published 14/03/19

    What a busy time it has been in the academy, this week! Following on from an amazing World Book Day and associated events last week, we have plunged head first into British Science Week. As an academy, we recognise not only the importance that science has played on our lives as well as the role that it will play in the future. From the moment that the week was launched with the homework challenge, we have seen how enthusiastic and committed our children are to their scientific learning. We have taken part in a project that all of the primary academies within our trust have been involved in. The project is based upon the book ‘Journey’ by Aaron Becker. Across the academy, the children have investigated vehicles and I know that I’ve had to duck on several occasions walking down KS2 corridor as the Year 6 pupils refine their paper aeroplanes! If you want to know more, please see the academy’s Twitter account (@Huntingtower) and the video for more information.

    A huge thank you goes to you for your continued support with your children’s learning. This has also been reflected in your support with the Academy Council’s Comic Relief fundraising. We thought we had anticipated how supportive our families are but we soon ran out of merchandise to sell. Many thanks goes the Sainsburys’ employees who came to visit us on Wednesday afternoon with an even greater range to sell. All proceeds go to Comic Relief and we will let you know next week how much the academy raised.

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  • Wonderful World Book Day!

    Published 14/03/19

    Huntingtower loves reading and could celebrate reading every single day! World Book Day is very important to us and the video this week documents not only our passion and enjoyment but also the activities that made our day so special!

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