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May 2018

  • Community is at the Heart of Huntingtower

    Published 24/05/18

    When asked the name of our school, often people just say ‘Huntingtower’. Huntingtower has a rich history now spanning back over 100 years. For those of us who are lucky enough to work here, we more often say ‘Huntingtower Community Primary’ as we are not only proud to be part of Huntingtower, we’re proud to be part of the community it serves. We work hard to support our pupils in their journey to become citizens of the future and this has been demonstrated most recently in our Year 5 and 6 classes taking on the challenge of the potholes! They have researched and written letters to send to the council as they are seriously concerned with the state of our roads. We will let you know if we have a response!

    We are also pleased to announce that our community is about to get bigger. From 1st June, Huntingtower Community Primary with be part of the Priory Federation of Academies Trust. We will be the third to join in the Southern Hub, joining with Priory Ruskin and Priory Belvoir although there are more primary and secondary schools located in Lincoln. We look forward to working with the other academies, bringing new experiences and ideas to our school in the future. In terms of our day to day running, very little will change but working with other good and outstanding schools unlocks a wealth of possibilities for the future. We wish you a happy half term holiday and look forward to welcoming the children back on Monday, 4th June 2018.

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  • Learning Through Curiosity

    Published 17/05/18

    I always admire those groups that you see on Britain’s Got Talent where lots of dancers or gymnasts all work together to produce a polished, engaging performance where everyone has a role and they perform it to the best of their ability. This is very similar to the every day life of Huntingtower.

    This week in particular, I have been immensely proud of how our children have approached their learning as well the understanding others have demonstrated for those who are more in the limelight. As you know, there are points in a child’s life where their abilities in certain subjects are measured. With this Year 2 and Year 6 cohorts, we have been particularly impressed with their positive attitude towards these statutory assessments. The Year 6 pupils even greeted me with a cheer when I said it was the Maths papers that day! We encourage our children to be the best that they can be but also work hard to ensure that they understand that in all things, there needs to be balance – this brings me back to my original comment. This week, our timetables and routines have been altered and yet, the opportunities to explore and learn have been the same, with the same effort, whether it has been inside or out.

    Well done to our pupils for all of their hard work and effort. I hope that they enjoy the weekend and maybe take part in the up and coming historical events on Saturday – the Royal Wedding or the FA Cup!

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  • Hard Work + Enjoyment = Success!

    Published 10/05/18

    Who ever thought that a 4 day week could be so busy and productive? The children tell me that they enjoyed their extra day in the sunshire and we have been fortunate that this weather has mostly continued since we have returned. As a result, the children have been able to continue their learning into our school grounds. Making good use of the different areas, it has not just been PE and clubs accessing this area but also active maths and English.

    Mrs Kightley, who leads our singing assembly, is passionate about music and in particular children singing. This week, the children have begun to learn “How far I’ll go” from the film, Moana. Such an inspirational song, it really was a joy to hear our pupils sing it. It is really a catchy tune so we apologise in advance if you catch yourself humming along to your child singing it at home!

    With just 2 weeks until the end of term 5, the children continue to work very hard. In the warmer weather, they do have a tendency to remove jumpers and cardigans. We seem to have gained small piles of jumpers and cardigans throughout the academy that they children have removed and cannot be returned as there is either no name evident or it has faded in the wash. Please could you check that your child’s clothes are clearly named and if a jumper has gone missing that you check with your child’s teacher.

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  • Hard Work Brings Great Rewards!

    Published 03/05/18

    Its amazing how much the weather can change at this time of year. One minute, we are basking in beautiful sunshine, making the most of our fantastic grounds and the next we are sheltering from thunderous rain! With all of this turbulence caused by the ever changing weather, it commendable that the children are still constant in their behaviour and attitude towards their learning; Our ‘Work Hard’ personal development theme is very much in evidence.

    In a little over a week’s time, our Year 6 and Year 2 children will be participating in the end of Key Stage assessments (also known as SATs). These assessments provide an understanding of our children’s skills and knowledge of the maths and English curriculums for each Key Stage. This can be an anxious time, particularly for Year 6 who are not only about to finish their primary phase of education but also start their secondary one. Our children are so keen to achieve that they are sometimes hard on themselves and I have taken time to talk to them. Hopefully, I have be able to reassure them and have again made clear that we are incredibly proud of them and all that they have achieved in their time at Huntingtower and that trying their best is all that we wish for. As we finish for the week and look forward to hopefully a sunny Bank Holiday weekend, we hope they will all take the time to rest and recouperate so that they are ready for a busy couple of weeks ahead.

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