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November 2018

  • Huntingtower Highs!

    Published 29/11/18

    On Monday, the first assembly of the week focused upon the importance of Advent in the Christian calendar and how across the world, preparations are beginning in readiness for Christmas. At Huntingtower, we are getting ready to brighten the corridors and hall with our winter decorations. The theme this year is a Woodland Winter Wonderland and year groups have created amazing decorations of British woodland animals. The children will be helping to decorate the academy on the last day in November and we know it will brighten the environment in what can be a gloomy time of the year.

    The children are also determined to win the endeavour challenge at the Winter Fayre. Each year group have decided upon a product or activity and we hope you will join us at the Fayre and visit their stall. There will be lots of other stalls and activities for you to see and both the Academy and the Friends of Huntingtower would like to thank you for your contributions towards the stalls.

    We are now about to begin our final 3 weeks of the term and know that it’s a very busy time of the year. Please check Parent Hub regularly for updates and information.




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  • Such Generosity from Everyone in our Academy Community

    Published 21/11/18

    We would like to thank everyone for their contributions to our fundraising endeavours with Children in Need last week. The children looked great in their Pudsey and Blush items and the cakes were simply amazing. There were so many delicious and beautiful spotty cakes that it was decided to run two stalls. Our academy councillors not only helped to sell the Children in Need merchandise but also manned the stalls. Mrs Kightley and her fabulous team of supporters from the academy and Friends of Huntingtower assisted the Academy Council and we are delighted to announce that we raised over £700. We also have 8 winning families who have earned a special trophy as well as 20 merits for the children to share. All other entries have earned 5 merits. 

    We are now beginning our preparations for our Winter Fayre. The children are helping us to produce a range of art work to decorate the academy. This year’s theme is a Winter Woodland. We hope you’ll be impressed when you next visit us and a great time to visit would be at the Winter Fayre. Not only will the classes be selling their products in order to raise funds for extra items for their class but there will also be lots to stalls and activities organised by the Friends of Huntingtower. We have also been able to secure the Scholastic Book Fair. We do hope you’ll be able to join us on Friday, 7th December 2018 from 3.20pm.

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  • REACHing for the Rainbow!

    Published 15/11/18

    This week has been yet another really busy week. We started the week with an assembly about Anti-Bullying Week. The children understand our REACH (Respect Expect Aspire Care Honest) values and know that the first value, respect underpins all of our behaviour choices. It was even more significant that this year’s Anti-Bullying campaign focused upon ‘Choose respect over bullying’ and that by acknowledging that we are all different, we can celebrate that simple fact; we are unique and different just like everyone else!

    We have also spent time thinking about Children in Need. The Academy Council have worked very hard to organise our fund raising contributions. I have loved seeing the children in their ears and other Children in Need items and I thank you for your patience in the delay of our items for sale arriving. We are really looking forward to the cake sale too!

    I am fortunate to be part of the Friends of Huntingtower Committee and really enjoy working with such a committed group of parents and friends of our academy. We have been planning for the Winter Fayre which takes place after school on Friday, 7th December. Please keep an eye on Parent Hub for updates and information about what will be a fantastic event!

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  • Traditions, Festivals and Celebrations!

    Published 08/11/18

    I love going into the Early Years classrooms and spending time with our youngest pupils. Their enthusiasm and energy has no bounds and their love of learning is infectious. It is great to get to know them better and see how their personalities develop. It is always a surprise, therefore, that in such a short space of time, those new faces to our school become the oldest pupils and our leaders. This week, our Tower Captains have begun to fulfil their promise to their voters who believed in them at the elections. Having taken around the Poppy fund-raising items for the Royal British Legion to all of the classrooms, they have also begun to spend time with the younger pupils in the academy. Giving up one of their lunchtime plays with their friends, our Captains have also started to share their time with the other phases. In a recent meeting with me, they said that they were going to get to know others and remind them of the ways in which merits can be earned. Merits equal Tower points!

    Next week, they will also be bringing around fund-raising items for Children in Need. We are very aware that this is a busy and quite often costly time of the year so our Academy Council has come up with something different. We are not asking the children to dress up for Children in Need but rather bake cupcakes (6 maximum) with a spotty theme. A cake sale will then take place at the end of the day (Friday, 16th November) and all proceeds will go to Children in Need. I hope you will be able to support the children’s charitable efforts.

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  • Spooktacular Start to the Term!

    Published 01/11/18

    Welcome back to Term 2 of 2018-19! I hope you all had a great week off and enjoyed some unseasonably warm weather. The children seem refreshed and ready to learn. Our youngest pupils in Early Years look like seasoned veterans now as they have settled back into their classroom routines really positively. The highlight of the week for everyone was, of course, the Friends of Huntingtower’s Halloween Discos. Over 300 pupils attended and had an amazing time. Their costumes were spooktastic and we’d like to thank you for your support. Thank you also goes to the Friends, their helpers and also the staff who danced and supported the children. If you would like to become involved with the Friends, the next meeting is on Wednesday, 14thNovember at 6.30pm in the Community Room.

    This is a very busy time of the year and there will be lots of information shared on our Parent Hub over the up and coming weeks. Next week, we will be selling Remembrance items and the week after the Academy Council will be raising money for Children in Need. Please make sure that you check Parent Hub regularly as we would hate for you to miss anything important. We will also communicate, as much as possible, on our Twitter (@Huntingtower) and Facebook accounts.

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