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October 2018

  • The End to a Fabulous First Term!

    Published 18/10/18

    Welcome to the last News Item of Term 1. It really has been a successful first term with much to celebrate. All our pupils have now settled well into their new classes and are working hard with their new year group curriculums. We have celebrated pupils’ achievements on many occasions in Celebration Assembly and this week’s assembly is particularly special with our friends from the Rotary coming to present our first Rotary Stars Certificates. These nominations reflect our Understanding Others personal development focus and we hope that pupils will continue to wear their badges at school with pride. Well done to all pupils nominated.

    We are now looking forward to a week’s holiday where we can all rest and recharge ready for another exciting term. Not only do we have the Friends of Huntingtower Disco to look forward to after school on Wednesday, 31st October, we have many other exciting events to prepare for. Please remember that whilst we don’t return to school until Tuesday, 30th October, hot school meals need to be ordered/chosen by Sunday, 28th October. We wish you a very happy holiday.

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  • October Opportunities

    Published 11/10/18

    After a week of elections and a time where the pupils from Year 1 to Year 6 have made strategic decisions about the leaders they wanted for the academy, our newly elected pupils are settling into their roles. Having elected the Tower Captains and the Academy Councillors,  our Librarians, Sports Ambassadors and Assembly Assistants were also appointed. They are in the early stages of their training but very excited to begin supporting the academy in their various roles. There is still more excitement to come as the final roles are yet to be appointed including brand new Mini Police who will work closely with both Mr Turner as well as our local PCSO.

    Very much embracing our Priory Trust value of Courage, the pupils of the academy are considering how they can further embrace new opportunities, challenges and experiences. Courage could be defined as facing something that your find fearful, and it must be said that our children strive to do this. Well done in particular to our Cross Country Team who pushed themselves to succeed across three meets in the last month. They achieved a fantastic second place overall with the boys achieving third place. We are still awaiting the results of the girls' performance. 

    It was great to see so many parents and family members at the parents' evenings this week. We really do value these times to share your child's progress and achievements and hope that you find these evenings equally supportive. It was also wonderful to see the Friends of Huntingtower there and we hope that you find time to complete their questionnaire - please see the link that was distributed through Parent Hub. 

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  • What an Epic Week!

    Published 04/10/18

    As we finish the first month of our academic year, we are now ready to assume some of the important roles within the academy. We have settled into our new classes, getting to know our peers and adults, we have become more confident with the expectations set and have started to explore how we can grow as both learners and individuals. Within the academy, we need leaders and this week has been about children having the courage to stand for two significant roles - academy councillors and for Year 6, Tower Captains. Very much summoning our Trust value of Courage, pupils have put themselves forward in the elections, presenting their ideas in manifestos to their friends and peers. The adults within the academy were relieved that they were not allowed to vote as they acknowledged that it was very difficult to choose between such strong candidates. The successful candidates will take up post immediately and begin their work supporting the academy. We are very proud of all that took part.

    Next week is one of our favourite of the year as it is the first time that the pupils and their families formally meet with the staff. Please check bags and folders to ensure that you have your appointment as this is such an important event. It provides you with opportunity to get to know your child's teacher better as well as find out more about your child as a learner. As always, the studio will be set up with the Book Fair and Safe Zone for you to leave your child when you go to your appointment. We do recommend that Year 5 and 6 pupils accompany you to your appointment so that they too can hear the messages shared. If you also wish to speak to our SENDCo Mrs Cradduck , please see the academy office to make an appointment. We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, 9th October or Wednesday, 10th October. 

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