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Community is our Middle Name!

 I remember that when Huntingtower Road Primary School changed its name to Huntingtower Community Primary School, it was at a time when the Government wanted to encourage schools to be identified more with the communities in which they were located. Over time, the perception of community has changed and yet, I feel that Huntingtower always rises to the challenge of being part of the community. Monday was a special time for our pupils to spend time with a member of our community. Miss Norah English is a member of our Grantham community who has contributed widely over the years. Many may remember her from their childhood at the swimming pool where she used to volunteer. Now nearly 96, Norah maintains a very active social life including attending regular get-togethers with veterans of the WAF. As a veteran, she was invited to attend a special Top Table with some Year 6 pupils. She listened to their Remembrance poetry as well talked to them about their experiences at Huntingtower. They were delighted to discover that Miss English also attended Hunitngtower and I think some of the stories she told them made them glad that they attend the academy today and not in the 1920s! Miss English herself, told me that she wishes that she could come to school now!

Thinking about the wider community, I would like to thank our Academy Council for organising our contribution to Children in Need. Only on Monday, did we explore Universal Children’s Day (20th November) and what better way to show it than for children to fund raise for other children less fortunate than themselves. We will let you know how much the children have raised in the next Tower Times. Thank you for your support.


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