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Key Stage 1 trip to Conkers

A great day out learning about habitats

Last Thursday the whole of Key Stage 1 went on our end of year trip to Conkers. When we arrived, the four classes were met by Rangers and given our jobs for the day. Leopards and Pandas had an orienteering challenge to find 9 letters, which made the word ‘nocturnal’, as well as a measuring challenge. The children had to measure a range of objects, including themselves, and try to make amounts when our measuring jugs would only measure in 3s or 5s!

Meerkats and Tigers also took part in the orienteering challenge, and then they became explorers; hunting down mini beasts in their natural habitat! This linked in well with their science work, and meant the children got to see a wide range of creatures, including dragonflies.

After finishing our jobs we took the train back to the main entrance, and boarded the buses for our journey home. Lots of the children were very tired after our big day out, and the KS1 staff would like to thank those volunteers who came with us, it really does help!